Arts of India


Kathakali - Indian Classical Dance-Drama

Kathakali (katha, “story”; kali, “performance”) is a highly stylized classical dance-drama form which originated from Kerala in the 17th century. This classical dance form is another "story play" genre of art, but one distinguished by its elaborately colorful make-up, costumes and face masks wearing actor-dancers, who have traditionally been all males


Kathakali - Duryodhanavadham, Kerala theatre, Dance Drama

Bhartnatyam - Indian Classical Dance

Dating back to 1000 BC, Bharatanatyam is a classical dance from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, practiced predominantly in modern times by women. The dance is usually accompanied by classical Carnatic music.


Sridevi Nrithyalaya - Bharathanatyam Dance - Samyuktha Swaminathan - BHO SHAMBHO

[Navy Drummers] Indian Navy drums up a Select CityWalk storm

Indian Navy is known for their masterpiece Drumming Skills. They showcased their piece of art at Select City Walk, a Shopping Mall in Delhi.


Indian Navy drums up a Select CityWalk storm : appealing to the retail generation